There's nothing quite like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Our favorite brewing method at Round Mountain is the classic, V60 pour over. Follow our fool-proof steps for the perfect morning brew!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 27g of your favorite ground coffee beans (we recommend our Ethiopia roast)
  • Hario V60 filter & filter papers
  • Decanter
  • Kettle
  • Scale
  • Your favorite mug

Step 1:

Fill your Kettle with 2 cups of filtered water and bring to a boil. While your water heats up, grind 27g of your favorite beans. Set aside.

Pro tip: Your coffee grinds should have a similar consistency as kosher sea salt.

Step 2:

Fold your filter paper along the crease and set it in the V60 coffee dripper.

Pro tip: pre-soak the paper filter to avoid any papery taste in your coffee!

Step 3:

Place your fresh ground coffee in the filter & saturate them with 50-80g of water. This process is commonly referred to as the “bloom” and takes approximately 30 seconds.

Pro tip: make sure you have an even bed, this will make it easier for all of the grounds to be evenly saturated and yield and smoother cup of coffee.

Step 4:

There will be a total of 4 pours in 80g increments. Your first pour will yield 160g. The second will yield 240 g. The third will yield 320g. The fourth will yield 400g.

Pro tip: Pour your water in concentric circles, going from the center of the filter to the outside.

Step 5:

Once all of the water has filtered through your grounds, enjoy!

Check out this video for a visual step-by-step!