About Us

Our mission

"To pursue excellence in coffee, love our craft, and foster our community"

Excellence in coffee

How? - product; roasting, preparation, ingredients, presentation, branding, training
Why? - Because we believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Love our craft

How? - Lead by example, seek knowledge, seek to educate others, training, source local ingredients, provide an experience for customers (in store and giving the ability to take it home)
Why? - we believe coffee should make with passion, we want to share what we love

support our community

How? - partnering with local nonprofits and missions events, education, relationships with other local businesses,
Why? - We believe we should steward our space and resources well.

Meet our team

Kyle Sackhoff

Kyle has worked in specialty coffee since 2014 and co-founded Round Mountain Coffee in 2016. In his spare time, Kyle loves talking about theology, good music, and soccer

Favorite Drink:

V60 Pour Over

Scott Forbush

Scott William Forbush has worked in the coffee industry for 8 years now. He gained his experience through Starbucks, Pound the Hill, Jaspers Java, Barista Camp, and Blue Sail Coffee before starting his very own shop, Round Mountain Coffee. As owner of RMC, his dream is to grow the business and coffee industry in Conway and beyond. In addition to working at RMC, he also owns and runs a small AcroYoga business, Arkansas AcroYoga. He trains and teaches when not at RMC.

Favorite Drink:

Flat White

Nicole Beard

Nicole has been working at RMC for a little over a year as a barista and art curator. She uses her position as a barista to meet and encourages the RMC community to value their various artistic crafts and put them on display at the shop. Nicole is currently studying graphic design and absolutely loves learning the craft of coffee with the team. Her time with RMC has taught her to love hard work and to make a family out of strangers - that's why she's here!

Favorite Drink:


Rachel McIndoe

When it comes to coffee, Rachel McIndoe is the Lead Avenger, Strongest Avenger, and most clumsy Avenger. On the rare occasion that Rachel isn't saving the world, she enjoys long walks on the beach, Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Rachel also offers free dad jokes with each cup of coffee served. She considers it her civic duty to guarantee a smile with every latte. Rachel is a professional high-fiver, so stop by RMC to get yours.

Favorite Drink:

Honey Macchiato

Luke Brock

Hey guys! I'm Luke. I love coffee, hockey, and Star Wars. It's the next best thing to the Trinity.

Favorite Drink:

Nitro Cold Brew