About Us

An Update from rmc

COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in our world, but RMC is still here to stand. Sadly with a lower number of customers per day, we have had to cut hours for our team. A customer of ours gave us an idea for a donate button on our site to help support our team. The money will be placed in a pool, and for each paycheck we will split the donation money to our seven baristas excluding Kyle and Scott. We found this to be the fairest way to support our team's needs during this time. Please donate as you please.

Excellence in coffee

How? - product; roasting, preparation, ingredients, presentation, branding, training
Why? - Because we believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Love our craft

How? - Lead by example, seek knowledge, seek to educate others, training, source local ingredients, provide an experience for customers (in store and giving the ability to take it home)
Why? - we believe coffee should make with passion, we want to share what we love

support our community

How? - partnering with local nonprofits and missions events, education, relationships with other local businesses,
Why? - We believe we should steward our space and resources well.

Our Team

Kyle Sackhoff

Kyle has worked in specialty coffee since 2014 and co-founded Round Mountain Coffee in 2016. Kyle’s pallet is one of the best around, and he uses it to dial in all of our drinks as the quality control manager and coffee roaster. In his spare time, Kyle loves to spend time with his wife, Rachel, talk about theology, good music, movies, and soccer.

Favorite Drink:

V60 Pour Over

Scott Forbush

Scott William Forbush has worked in the coffee industry for 10 years now. He gained his experience through Starbucks, Pound the Hill, Jaspers Java, Barista Camp, and Blue Sail Coffee before starting his very own shop, Round Mountain Coffee. As owner of RMC, his dream is to grow the business and coffee industry in Conway and beyond. In addition to working at RMC, he also owns and runs a small AcroYoga business, Arkansas AcroYoga. He trains and teaches when not at RMC.

Favorite Drink:

Flat White

Luke Brock

Our coffee roaster and wholesale specialist. This loud and genuine-hearted guy loves his job. His passion is expressed in the volume of energy he gets from learning new coffee techniques and inspiring others to love our craft at RMC. He has been roasting at RMC for a little over a year now and wants to continue making coffee his primary job. His wonderful wife, Alex Brock, is a hairstylist and keeps all of us at RMC looking good.

Favorite Drink:

Nitro Cold Brew

Haley Watt

Haley is our newest addition to the shop. She’s trustworthy and true. And don’t let her shortness fool you, she’s still full of spunk and has a big heart. She is currently going to school for Interior Design and Architecture, who knows, maybe you’ll see her on HGTV someday! When she’s not at the shop, she’s either going on an adventure with her husband and pups or grabbing a cup of coffee with friends. Stop on by and welcome her to the team!

Favorite Drink:


Elizabeth Thomas

The one behind it all. Do you love our crafty drinks? What about our stickers, shirt design, and in house graphic design of RMC? Well, Elizabeth has her hands in all of those things! She is always capturing RMC’s finest moments. She loves all things coffee but the black brew is her go-to. Her husband Garrison Thomas is our LumberJack spokesman and sketch artist!

Favorite Drink:

Brew of the Day

Sydney Wilson

"AND ACTION!” Sydney is a film production major at UCA. She has worked on most of the videos we have conjured up at RMC. Sydney loves everything, Jesus, cinema, and coffee are just a few of her passions. Jokes go over her head, but it creates some of the best bonding moments. With a hard work mentality, she is sure to make you smile and enjoy your time at RMC.

Favorite Drink:

The One & One

Lucy Boyland

A listener, she loves to hear people’s stories and learn how to see the world through them. She is a writer, a poet, and she has a published piece of work in Coffee People Zine, Issue 08. She loves to laugh a lot and drink coffee with the friends she creates stories with.

Favorite Drink:

Drew Dodge

Our summer camp counselor! Drew Dodge is everything you would want as your kids camp leader. Wise and thoughtful in decisions, someone who wants to hear all sides and views of a situation. A kind heart, caring, loving man of God who strives to love others around him.

Favorite Drink: