About Us

Excellence in coffee

How? - product; roasting, preparation, ingredients, presentation, branding, training
Why? - Because we believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Love our craft

How? - Lead by example, seek knowledge, seek to educate others, training, source local ingredients, provide an experience for customers (in store and giving the ability to take it home)
Why? - we believe coffee should make with passion, we want to share what we love

support our community

How? - partnering with local nonprofits and missions events, education, relationships with other local businesses,
Why? - We believe we should steward our space and resources well.

Our Team

Scott Forbush

Scott William Forbush has worked in the coffee industry since 2010. He gained his experience through Starbucks, Pound the Hill, Jaspers Java, Barista Camp, and Blue Sail Coffee before starting his very own shop, Round Mountain Coffee. As owner of RMC, his dream is to grow the business and coffee industry in Conway and beyond. In addition to working at RMC, he also owns and runs a small AcroYoga business, Arkansas AcroYoga. He trains and teaches when not at RMC.

Favorite Drink:

Flat White

Lucy Boyland

A listener, she loves to hear people’s stories and learn how to see the world through them. She is a writer, a poet, and she has published pieces of work in Coffee People Zine, Issue 08, 09, 11-13. She loves to laugh a lot and drink coffee with the friends she creates stories with.

Favorite Drink:

Matcha Latte

Haley Watt

Haley is one of our newest additions to the shop. She’s trustworthy and true. And don’t let her shortness fool you, she’s still full of spunk and has a big heart. She is currently going to school for Interior Design and Architecture, who knows, maybe you’ll see her on HGTV someday! When she’s not at the shop, she’s either going on an adventure with her husband and pups or grabbing a cup of coffee with friends. Stop on by and welcome her to the team!

Favorite Drink:


Britt Ryan

Britt is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in Cybersecurity and a minor in Vocal Music. Outside of perfecting his latte art at the shop, he loves to learn and share his passions of music, scuba diving, fishing, skating, and ministry! Have a passion you want to share? You should tell him over a cup of coffee!

Favorite Drink:

Flat White

Kaci Luedemann

Kaci is our Ohio native but has quickly grown to love the natural state and everyone she has met in it. A few things you should know about Kaci are that she would rather watch the sunrise than the sunset, own a cat rather than a dog, and will take all the backroads overdriving one mile on the highway. She loves the smell of fresh flowers and the feeling of sunshine on her face. If she’s not in the shop then she’s probably sitting on her back porch, reading a good book, or throwing together a charcuterie board for friends. She enjoys listening to people and is always open to learning something new, so next time you stop by don’t be afraid to start up a conversation! ◡̈

Favorite Drink:

Matcha Latte

Brooklyn Nash

Brooklyn started her coffee journey with Starbucks and Mylo Coffee Co. before finding her home at RMC. You can always catch her singing behind the bar and making a new friend! Brooklyn recently started her own thrift business, Clover Marketplace. Check it out on Instagram! She loves cold weather and her cat, Parklee. A perfect day for Brooklyn would include coffee, blasting music with the windows down, the sun shining, and quality time with people she loves. Stop in for a chat!

Favorite Drink:

Oats & Honey

Collin Gallimore

Drawn to Conway to study Journalism and Spanish at UCA, Collin is a storyteller who enjoys a good conversation. He loves everything outdoors, but especially enjoys traveling around the state to mountain bike and camp. In his opinion, nothing brings the woods to life like a good pour over by the campfire. You can catch him at Round Mountain or out on the trails, no matter how hot it gets in the summer.

Favorite Drink:

Cold Brew

Nori Bunch

Meet Nori Bunch! She was born and raised in Rogers, AR. She recently graduated from UCA with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and will be returning to UCA in the fall to pursue a doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Nori, loves people and also loves a healthy amount of alone time. She is under the belief that the Twilight movies are genuinely good and could probably (85% chance) beat the average joe in a handstand competition. Outside of RMC you can probably find Nori at the gym, Goodwill, or the movie theatres. Her faith is a very important part of her life. She loves to share her own story and hear others as well. Come see her at the bar!

Favorite Drink:

Lavender Flat White