Congrats on being the first RMC customers to reach 300 reward points! That’s pretty impressive since it’s one point per visit. How does that accolade make you feel?

Micaela: “Makes me feel like we’ve spent a lot of money at RMC, but money well spent! It means we’ve had a lot of fun times there. RMC has become our ‘Friends’ couch, our home away from home, a place of fellowship…”

Eric: “300+ means technically we’ve spent almost a year at RMC!"

How did you guys find RMC?

E: “I found it while Micaela was in town at an interview for occupational therapy school. I found RMC online and went by the shop to grab a drink and a bag of beans as a present for her. Been going back ever since."

What do you remember about your first visit to RMC?

M: “I actually shopped around before I stuck with RMC as my go-to shop. The reason I picked RMC was because I liked drinking black coffee and they had more roast options more consistently. I especially like fruitier coffee, and I knew every time I would go, I would have an option I really enjoyed. I don’t remember the first visit specifically, but we have created tons of memories there.”

How’d you guys end up with 300 points??

E: “We started accumulating some points and then the pandemic started. We didn't want to redeem free stuff with COVID happening and quickly, it became a challenge to see how many we could get.”

M: “Because we have a big appreciation for great quality coffee. RMC is a great place to build relationships and have discipleship. The environment fosters a great place to spend quality time with people and create great memories. So many coffee dates later and here we are at 300.”

What is your normal order at RMC?

M: “Ethiopian pour over. I also liked the Zambia and Burundi.”

E: “A pour over of some choice. Normally I let the barista decide.”

If you guys had to make a ‘Randall Blend’, what coffee or coffees would it be?

M: “A blend of Ethiopian and Costa Rican is my first thought. My favorite is Ethiopian, his is Costa Rican and that’s actually where we went on our honeymoon.” 

E: "If not that, Ethiopian & Zambia probably."

What about RMC keeps you coming back?

E: “Friendships that we’ve made there and the environment. It’s a great place to meet and have quality time with people .”

M: “It’s a space to meet with people that’s not intimidating. It’s easy and comfortable and a good place for conversation and fellowship.”

Out of all the seasonal drinks which one is your favorite?

M: “Cold Brew Shandy, but I also do really like the Chocolate Howler.”  

E: “The Cinco de Mango. It’s the only seasonal drink I’ve ever been intrigued enough to order and liked since I normally just drink black coffee.”

Who is your favorite barista: Scott or Kyle?

M: “The one that gives me coffee.”

Who makes the best pour-over: Scott or Kyle?

M: “The pours are pretty consistent at RMC. I can’t tell who I like best, they both make a great cup.”

E: “I need them both to make me their best and then I’ll decide".

Tell us a time where you felt like family at RMC?

M: “Whenever I was fasting from coffee and Scott thought I was pregnant because he was taking note of my caffeine intake haha” 

E: “Scott told us he was pregnant before other people with Sage Willow and he offered us cake!”

If you could make your own drink at RMC, what would it be called? How would you make it?

M: “Some sort of pour over because that’s what I drink, milk upsets my stomach, and caffeine is great. It would probably be a mix of different roasts of African origins. Or just some that I haven’t tried yet. Ooh! I’d love to try the fruitiest African origins to combine to make a fruit bomb blend. Name could be Rhea- sunshine, named after our daughter."

Where do you hope to see RMC in 5 years?

M: “Wherever we are, with more African origins.”

E: “I would love to be able to see them have the opportunity to expand their roasting operations.”

Thanks for spending the time with us and all your love for Round Mountain Coffee, Eric and Micaela Randall. 

Now which customer will be the first to reach 500 points?