Thanksgiving Thankfulness All Year Round

Over the holidays a friend came to me with a notebook, a pen and a few questions about this Thanksgiving season: What was I thankful for, what would I remember most about this Thanksgiving, and who was I thankful for? I was most thankful for family and the memories we have made. Her questions made me think about who I consider as family and what family meant to me. I quickly realized that it was much larger than just my parents, grandparents, siblings, and aunts and uncles. My family also consisted of my team, boyfriend, best friend, and the amazing friends I have made over the years in Conway. Family is more than just a blood bond, it’s a love bond.

During most of the year many of us get busy with work or school and forget to show our large families that we love them. The feelings of love and thankfulness that we share over the holidays should be shared every day not just over Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving thankfulness is for every day. You may be thinking, There are so many people and such little time! How do you show your thankfulness for everyone? Well I’m glad you asked because I have a few ideas. You could send a quick text or a card (everyone loves mail), or you could take them to your favorite local coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a nice conversation. Nothing says “I’m thankful for you” like a thoughtful note or a well brewed cup of coffee.

Going forward with the year into the Christmas season don’t forget to embrace your thankful feelings and a cup of your favorite drink from RMC!

- Morgan Best