I've known Scott for a few years now (his wife and I have known each other for 11). When it comes to being around groups of people that I don't know very well, I'm extremely introverted, so I tend to keep to myself. Scott is the complete opposite; he's gotten pretty good at bringing me out of my shell. When Hannah told me that he and his friend were in the process of opening up their own coffee shop, I was excited for them. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to play my small part in supporting them, so that they would succeed (as did many of their friends and family). 

When the shop first opened I was pretty careful when deciding when I should go in so I could avoid being around a bunch of strangers. The more I would go in to visit with Scott, the more some of the other baristas would recognize me. I'd walk up to the register and Austin would greet me by name, while Chelsey asked if I wanted a mocha (my usual drink at the time). Because of how often I would go in to RMC, I decided to make a conscious effort to get to know everyone a little more. I began with some basic small talk, discussing where I work, personal interests, etc. After a while these strangers weren't strangers anymore. The more I got to know everyone, the more I'd go in, which I didn't think was possible considering how much time I was already spending there. If I didn't go in for a few days, it didn't go without notice. And when I did finally go in, I was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm. RMC had become a huge part of my social life. 

When I go into the shop, I'm not just seeing the super-cool RMC baristas, I'm seeing my friends. We no longer only have conversations about work; we're discussing the new movies we've been wanting to see, who would win in a fight between Batman/Flash vs. Superman/Green Arrow, and exciting events going on in each others' lives. The people at Round Mountain are a family and somehow I managed to find my place in there. You don't have to be on payroll to be a part of this unique band of misfits; just be open to connecting with new people and don't be afraid to let your true self come out.