2021 is here! How many of us say, “new year, healthier me?”. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some health benefits from coffee and tea. Here are some ideas and information to help make RMC part of your healthy routine in the new year.


  1. Coffee could be making your heart happy and the chance of stroke decrease! “In one review and meta-analysis of 36 studies, researchers found an association between coffee consumption and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, with the lowest risk found in those who drank three to five cups daily. Heavy coffee consumption was not associated with elevated risk of cardiovascular disease.” [1]
  2. Black and green tea can help boost your brain and balance your focus!  “Drinking green and black tea, which both come from the Camellia sinensis plant, is inversely associated with cognitive dysfunction. Some of the compounds in tea that may be responsible for its cognitive benefits include theanine and caffeine. The caffeine in tea improves alertness and performance on long-duration cognitive tasks, while theanine promotes relaxation and calmness, creating a balanced state of focus for tackling cognitively demanding tasks.” [2]
  3. Coffee can help decrease your risk of depression! “A large longitudinal study of more than 50,000 women found that depression risk decreases with caffeinated coffee consumption… In another investigation, frequent coffee drinkers (two or more cups per day) were found to have a 32 percent lower rate of depression than non-coffee drinkers.” [1]
  4. Oolong and green tea could help lower your blood pressure! “…oolong and green tea may be beneficial for lowering high blood pressure. One study of more than 1,500 subjects showed that drinking one half to two and a half cups of oolong or green tea on a daily basis can lower a person’s risk of hypertension by 46 percent”. [3]
  5. Coffee helps your brain get stuff done! “Coffee’s primary ingredient, caffeine, dramatically enhances cognitive performance. Caffeine enhances hippocampal neurotransmission and memory consolidation, making it a powerful tool for optimizing cognitive performance.” [2]


  1. Switch to local honey! If you can’t drink coffee black, try subbing sweet syrups like vanilla for some local honey in your latte or London Fog. Local honey has many health benefits including: containing antioxidants, can help lower cholesterol, and could even help lower symptoms in people with seasonal allergies. 
  2. Choose local! Choosing local coffee shops like RMC over a chain, could reduce your calorie intake, increase the natural quality of ingredients, and reduce the total sugar in your usual drink. For example, one of the reasons we do not have caramel is because of the high fructose corn syrup. Our ‘caramel’ equivalent, the honey macchiato, is made with hazelnut syrup for the nutty, toasted flavor and topped with local honey for the rich thickness. A quick look at the difference between popular drinks at a big chain and our equivalents:

[4] [5]

3. When you don’t need caffeine, try a tea! Instead of a hot chocolate or apple cider in the evenings, you can choose from one of our amazing loose leaf teas. With less calories and the many natural benefits found in tea leaves, you can sweeten it with maple and honey without worrying about a spike in your blood sugar levels. Some recommendations: Jade Oolong with maple syrup (organic, pure maple syrup is a great immune booster) or our Flu Fighter tea mix of peppermint and lemongrass with honey (a great decaf option with lots of health benefits and helps fight against sickness.) 


Coffee and tea is a perfect way to connect with others, boost your mental health, and motivate one’s healthier routine. Here are some ideas to incorporate moving into your RMC rituals:

  1. Start the day off with RMC! Coffee is a great motivator to help you get out of bed, and stopping at your favorite coffee shop helps make sure you stay out of bed. Start your day out and about and moving, and even the smell of coffee in a coffee shop can awaken the brain to help jumpstart you and help get your to do list done!
  2. Meet outside! Meeting a friend for coffee? Think about taking your RMC orders to go and walk on the trail so you can connect through movement with your drinks instead. Sunshine, coffee, and good conversation make for a great afternoon or morning pick-me-up and is safer during these pandemic times. 
  3. Coffee makes for a great pre-active drink! Have a Saturday free? Grab your family, or friends, enjoy some time with coffee and pastries, and then head out for a hike or bike ride. Petit Jean or Pinnacle has some great hiking trails and the Big Dam Bridge or Tucker Creek trails make for great bike rides for the family.