Enhancing the Coffee Community

The first time I walked through the door of Round Mountain Coffee I knew I was home. The cozy shop was flooded with sunlight from the large front windows and bright, smiling faces welcomed me. I sat and watched as people flowed in and out of the front door and I noticed the diversity that RMC was attracting; it is one of the many things I love about the shop. It isn’t all students fighting over outlets (don’t worry students there are plenty of outlets) but there are also families, professors, and business leaders who enjoy RMC’s coffee. It’s a great place to meet new people and make connections.  The abundance of varying people is also great inspiration for a writer like me; don’t be surprised if you read one of my works someday and find shocking similarities between yourself and a character!

In addition to the great people that RMC attracts they also have a wonderful environment for the community to thrive in. The open layout is full of chairs and tables where you can sit and enjoy your drink and the company of awesome folks. Soft music plays throughout the store and creates a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Often the shop is filled with people but it never gets too loud or distracting. The steady flow of conversation, laughter, and music blends together in a calm tune (and if you need a quiet place they have a study room just for you).

What would complete this equation for happiness? A great cup of coffee of course! RMC is dedicated to making the best coffee and they want to teach you how to make it too. A few of my favorites are the Round Mountain Classic, the Guatemalan AeroPress, Hot Chocolate, and the Cortado. There are plenty of drinks to choose from; you can check out the RMC menu here or stop by the shop and check them out for yourself.

Stop by and see me soon. Who knows, you may end up in a story someday!

- Morgan Best