Ever since I was a little girl I knew I would love Christmas forever. I remember my parents old home in the Texas Hill Country where we would gather around our silver Christmas tree (yes, a silver tree) and unwrap our presents under the watchful eye of my mother’s hand-held camcorder. The feeling of waking up on Christmas morning and tiptoeing under the mistletoe to the present filled living room was magical.

A hand made stocking my grandmother, Martha, made for my mother.

As I grew older and learned the truth about Santa I loved the season even more. I help my little brother bake cookies for Santa and write him letters, not to mention keep an eye on our Elf On the Shelf. I became a ‘Santa’ myself: wrapping presents, hanging lights, and keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

My balloon from the 2015 East Texas Christmas Balloon Release, in honor of loved ones that have passed away. My grandmother, Mokie, who passed away that summer, was the pillar for our family Christmas festivities.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions was East Texas Christmas, where my family would load up in the car and drive out to my grandparents’ house for an early Christmas. In the mornings, I would sit with my grandparents at their kitchen table and watch the birds flock to the feeder outside the window. We would lounge around the house drinking coffee (sadly not RMC coffee) until aunts, uncles and cousins would fill the house, bringing with them fresh gumbo, cornbread and fudge pie. After dinner, the kids would pass out all the presents and we would open them in turns, from youngest to oldest, until every present had been unwrapped. The anticipation and smiles on everyone’s faces will always be in my heart.

My mothers most prized Christmas possession from the 50's (and if you are familiar with them, yes, she does have the color wheel.)

Some things have changed, like the coffee in our cups and the loved ones around us, but the joy of Christmas will always be the same. What are some of your favorite family memories? Those stories are the best to share over a great cup of coffee at RMC or at home with your family and friends. So, sit back with a seasonal mug in hand and enjoy the memories you are making with family and friends; one day you’ll be reminiscing on this holiday season.

Happy Holidays! -Morgan