How long have you been working at RMC?

"Four months!"

What’s your favorite color?

"Gray. I prefer a darker gray."

If you could create a brand new drink right now, what would you name it?

"Uh oh. Now I can only think of things that start with gray.. Oh gosh, I’m not good at these things on the spot. What do I like, what do I like… Skip me, go to someone else."

What is your favorite drink (coffee and non)?

"I think the one and one is probably my favorite coffee drink. I also like mountain dew a lot, I know it’s not good for me but.."

What’s your favorite quote?

"I actually used to have a book of quotes but they were from One Tree Hill… OH! It’s by Thomas Watson. Christ went more willingly to the cross than we do to the throne of grace."

Briefly describe one thing you’ve learned about yourself since working at RMC?

"Oh, I’m way worse at making conversation than most people."

Do you have any nicknames working at RMC?

"No. Nobody calls me anything."

What compelled you to apply to work at RMC?

"I like, begged Scott and Kyle for awhile. I just really wanted to work at a coffee shop because I like the environment and I really like Scott and Kyle so."

Describe Round Mountain in 3 words.

Oh, well.. It’s homey, trying to think of how you say…not just good but you know…crafted? Crafty? I don’t like it. Careful, like caring what you do? Full of care! What do you call like making people want to know stuff? Educational!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would that be?

"Uhm, I really like where I am. I would probably be in Seattle with Alex because that’s where we spent our honeymoon. But if he’s not there I DON’T want to be there."

What is one of the funniest things you’ve witnessed behind the bar?

"Well the other day Scott thought he was being good by cleaning the cold brew tower and stuck a towel in the coil thing and it got stuck. No one else probably thought it was as funny as I did."

Last, what is one characteristic/trait/hobby/habit of yours that most people don’t know about/realize?

"Uhm, let’s see. I probably got some good stuff. -Scott: She naps, a LOT. “I sure do nap a lot *chuckles wildly*. Oh, ok. I love comedy. So my favorite hobby is sketching comedy with my friend Hannah. It’s not funny at all so I’m glad no one knows about it."

Back to the drink question!

"Don’t give up on me please…that’s not the name, no! That is a good name though.. OH, I would name it a cry for help! I think its funny when people call things a cry for help."