Our first installment of "Meet the Team"! Every month we'll give you an insight into who's behind the bar at Round Mountain Coffee. This month's spotlight is on Amanda Trice!

How do people address you?

“Uhh, there are multiple ways.. Ok top three: Manda, Red Manda, and three, uhhhh… Sass-Master Flex. I’ll also add Julie as another one.”

Summarize yourself in 3 descriptive words:

“Ok, uhm.. Not Sass-master Flex. But Sassy is definitely one of them. I think I’m a people person so probably outgoing. And… Uhhmm musical!"

What compelled you to apply to work at a coffee shop?

“First the need for money! Two, I have known Scott for a couple years now, so when I heard he was opening up a coffee shop with Kyle, that was definitely something I wanted to be a part of, either being a barista or anything else. That’s what drove me to apply.”

If you were in a Star Wars film, how would you destroy the Death Star?

“Ooooo, (chuckles silently) that’s a great question. I would probably, why is this a question… I would convince someone on the inside to do it. USE THE FORCE. MIND CONTROL. What do you want me to say, I WOULD SHOOT IT?!”

Were you an avid coffee enthusiast/drinker before starting at RMC?

“I was a coffee enthusiast, I wasn’t an avid coffee enthusiast, but now obviously its my job now and I enjoy it so much more.”

What's your favorite drink? (Coffee and non-)

“Ok great, so my favorite drink here is the Ozark Autumn latte on the seasonal menu. Outside of here, my favorite drink is La Croix. I would say I’m probably 75% La Croix and 25% sass, that’s probably who I am.”

What's your favorite thing about RMC?

“My favorite thing about Round Mountain Coffee is that as a coffee shop, it’s very personable, very relatable, and it makes coffee an approachable thing. It’s not something like you just walk up and order the first thing you can pronounce, and we encourage questions. Just the education part is cool.”

What is something you're truly passionate about?

“I am truly passionate about loving people well around me, and fostering creative environments, not just for me but for people around me. First of all that’s how I function best is in a creative environment."

In your opinion, how does RMC contribute to the coffee culture in Conway?

“Like I said before, I think we make coffee an approachable thing. More than just giving you your drink and you being on your way. We encourage questions and from everything in the store [its setup] and the way baristas interact with customers…its a very open coffee shop that’s welcoming.”

Do you think RMC encourages customers to learn more about coffee?

“Yah absolutely. Like I said in the previous question, it’s a very open environment.”

What would you say to someone who doesn't like coffee?

“I was like you one time! It is an acquired taste. I don’t know of anyone besides my mother who just liked coffee [the taste of it]. There’s just so many variables, it just depends on what kind of coffee you’ve been drinking. I would say come to RMC and we’ll change your mind!”

Who has better hair, Scott or Kyle?

“Can I say me?” Uhm..”They both have great hair, it’s fantastic”

If you could summarize your experiences with RMC in one sentence, what would that be?

Kyle - “The birth of sass-master flex.” Amanda - “I would say that my experience here has not only made me so much more of a coffee lover, but has encouraged me to go after my passions that I have that have nothing to do with my job. Like the music I’ve been writing and school; it’s really inspired me to push for the things I’m passionate about. I’ve seen Scott and Kyle do it, that’s exactly what they did with RMC.”